Wednesday, January 11, 2012

$50 Mud Room Lockers & Bench

I have been wanting a nice landing area for all the things that are carried in and out of the house every day, and have been inspired by the many nice ones I've found online and seen in person.  I am a home stager, so I get to tour many homes and collect ideas for my own home.  We recently moved to a new home and finally had the perfect space for a mud room coming in from the garage.  Yeah! Here it is:
Here is a run down of the materials used and the costs:

2 lockers- $5 a piece at a garage sale
Wood for the bench- Free!  The previous home owners left an old water bed frame in the garage.
Wire shelf for the shoe rack- Free!  This was a builders leftover shelf from our last house.
Wood for the cubbies above the lockers- Free!  These were old closet doors from a closet we removed.
Bead board Wall paper- $20 It looks just like the real stuff and time will tell on how durable it is (Lowe's).
Paint- $5 from the oops pile at Lowe's.
Boxes for cubbies- $5 each (Ikea).
Hooks- Free!  They were on the wall when we moved in.
Trim- Free!  Leftovers from a friend's remodel.
Picture Labels on the boxes- Free!  They are actually shower hooks that were given to me a few years ago.
Total cost= $50 + tax!

We were blessed to have the materials to use to make this- rethink, reuse and recycle!  There are lots of freebies on Craigslist that you can use for your projects as well as cheap furniture that can be reused for other purposes.  I don't have any instructions for you on this since my DH is the mastermind behind the building.  I just drew him a bunch of pictures, gave him measurements and pointed out the supplies he could use.  Fortunately for me, he loves me and likes to play with his power tools!  Here is a picture of the project when my husband was done with it:

I guess this was before the last trim piece was added!  Then it was my turn to add wall paper, paint and pretty it up:
With 3 boys, 2 adults and a dog- there is no way it will stay looking this pretty though!  Here are a few more pictures:

The metal tab was already on the locker, as well as a circular indent.  I used photoshop to make tags for both, printed them on photo paper and just glued them on.  An up close look at the picture frame/shower curtain hook turned label:

One last picture:
My next project will be to paint the wood walls and install new lights.  Another adventure for another day!

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