Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Decor for El Paradisio

After I did all the murals for the Parade of Homes house El Paradisio, I was asked to style it for a Holiday Tour.  Here are some pictures from that project:

This is the massive main living room area.  The three vases on the fireplace were lit from the inside, although it was hard to capture that with photographs.  I hung giant ornaments on the chandelier- everything had to be over sized to fit in this house!  The star and fabric treatment in the windows were also added for the holiday tour.

Details from the dining room.  One of my murals is on the wall in the background.  The reindeer were one of my favorite finds for the project.

The hood in the kitchen was so great- it had to be decorated for the holidays as well!  I used greenery and sugared fruits.

One of the buffet tables.

Just a few small details added to the library nook.  I loved the giant chess table!

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