Saturday, January 7, 2012

Murals for El Paradisio

A few years back, I was asked to do several murals for a home that was featured in the Parade of Homes.  Here are some of the murals from that project:
This was the "feature" mural in the main dining room, visible from the entry way.  The house in the upper left corner is my artistic rendering of the actual house.

This is a wine label mural for the bar area- uninstalled.  Several of my murals had to be done on canvas and applied to the walls since the time frame for my working in the house was really short.  They were painted on canvas you can buy by the roll at most fabric stores.  They were installed with wall paper paste.  You can see the tabs around the mural- those were used to thumb tack it into place while the paste dried and then I used a razor blade to cut them off.
Another one that was done on canvas and applied later to the wine tasting room.  I did three of these faux windows total, but this was my favorite!

Detail of the painting- notice the wine label is the same as the wine label mural.

Another detail of one of the other faux windows.  I snuck my name onto the spine of the book just for the fun of it. 
One of the ceilings I painted.  I did two like this and another in the tower/turret room, but it was really hard to photograph!
A map of Italy that I painted on the office wall.  I was able to work with the plasterer ( plaster artist?) and I taped off the portion of the wall where I wanted the mural to go before he did his thing.  Then was able to paint the mural on the untextured area.

Juliet balcony with a raised plaster detail.  I designed the giant stencil and had it custom made.  After I plastered it and it dried, I antiqued the edges since it was a little bit had to see from the floor below.

Another raised plaster custom stencil job above the doorway! 

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