Saturday, January 7, 2012

Skater Room

Here's an idea of what to do with a tween boy's room that will hopefully grow with him for a few years!  I started out by painting the bed with skater graphics:

Really easy to do with a projector and paint markers!  The room the bed is in now was not going to be the bedroom that it went into- although the colors worked really well in here!  In the new room, I painted two walls a light grey and two a darker grey.  Then using my projector and some skater graphics (I found some online and drew some), I painted a mural on one of the light grey walls using the darker grey color:
The next project was to add some valances to the windows.  I used cheap super thin mdf and 2x4's to create some simple boxes.  They were then painted cream to match the home's existing trim and then I added skateboarding posters picked up for free at a local skate shop:
We added a few more favorite posters- including a huge one on the ceiling above the bed.  

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